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Some important facts you will find out about through our program… and why you shouldn’t even consider the use of bitter polishes or other treatments until you’ve read this letter entirely!


The biggest reason why people fail to quit biting their nails forever, and instead end up chomping away again just days later.



Why polishes and creams may work TEMPORARILY but often leave you back where started a few days later (hint: they are not dealing with the root of the problem.)



A revolutionary method that has single-handedly ended the nail biting habits of hundreds of people in only a mere nine minutes… PERMANENTLY. أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½

Dear Reader,

Does this experience sound familiar? I bet it does!

Your nails are bitten into disrepair, which can be painful and make you self-conscious enough, and then somebody actually has the gall to comment on it! Or, perhaps they don’t comment but your day is hampered as you make an effort to keep your nails out of sight from others. That’s when you decide: you’re going to stop your nail biting forever – right then and there!

Unfortunately, will power alone proves not to be enough, and later that evening, perhaps while sitting at the computer or watching some television, you notice that you’re biting your nails! Oops! Once you’ve started again, it’s even harder to stop, and you continue to give in until you’re right back where you started.

Will power alone is not an effective tool for this particular habit, and usually results in you going back to the status quo of your short, bitten nails. In fact the whole experience of trying to quit can make you unlikely to want to try again – you want to protect yourself from that failure – who wouldn’t? Thankfully, there is now a reliable solution!

Let me tell you, I know all about it, as I had tried stopping over and over again, only to fail again and again. Eventually I wanted to just give up – and in fact I bit my nails for over 21 years!

You may have read some articles about nail biting, and different techniques used to quit. I had read discussion forums, websites, and even listened to old wives tails on how its done. I tried nail polishes that are supposed to deter the habit, and frankly I simply grew accustomed to the taste and kept biting. Who knows what I was ingesting!

I tried easily a dozen different suggestions, and always went back to the biting. I thought I’d never stop! Finally, it happened…

Why Do You Like Nail Biting?

You may think that you don’t enjoy nail biting! You’re probably saying in your head right now that you want to stop. After all, it can be an embarrassing habit.

While it’s understandable that consciously you want to end your habit, unfortunately the subconscious finds a comfort or pleasure in this habit. Why is that?

The subconscious mind is extremely power, and is capable of manifesting its control on us in many different ways. However, your subconscious reasons for habitual behavior may be different than mine. Nail biting can used by the subconscious as a simple trick to keep your mind occupied at otherwise under-stimulating moments. Or, it could be that you subconsciously fear breaking a nail, or worry that dirt will get under longer nails!

Heck, it can be any one of thousands, even millions of reasons, but the bottom line is, you do have a reason – whether you know it or not.

We can also look at it from a bit more of a scientific viewpoint. Your brain wants you to avoid pain, and increase pleasure. I want you to realize that your brain is completely devoted to doing everything in its power to help you avoid pain, even if it is sometimes misguided.

We can also look at it from a bit more of a scientific viewpoint. Your brain wants you to avoid pain, and increase pleasure. I want you to realize that your brain is completely devoted to doing everything in its power to help you avoid pain, even if it is sometimes misguided.

When you are able to discover your subconscious thought process as to why you enjoy nail biting, you can then take the required steps to reprogram it. Your brain needs to understand that nail biting no longer provides pleasure, and instead only provides pain. Once this occurs, you are on the road to finally stopping your unwanted habit forever.

It’s sort of like riding a bike, you can probably just hop on one and begin ride, without any conscious thought on how to do it. That’s because it’s a learned response of your body, and one that is complete automatic. A nail biting habit is automatic in the same way.

This is why will power simply doesn’t work! It’s like willing yourself to forget how to ride a bike. It’s just not possible!

From this moment forward, you can finally stop frantically looking for the answers to your habit, because I’ve already done that for you. I’ve already tried at least a dozen different treatments and am going to make it easy for you to discover the fastest way to stop once and for all!

From now on, you can stop struggling to find the right answers because I’ve already bought and tried plenty of nail biting treatments and the secret I’m about to reveal to you is a shortcut to ending your nail biting permanently!

Is It Really Possible To Quit In
Less Than Ten Minutes?

The program is called the 3 Step Nail Biting Annihilation program, and it is fully and completely guaranteed to end nail biting. This program is effective because it seeks out the mental triggers that cause you to find pleasure in your habit in the first place, and then changes the response to these triggers to more positive actions. Your new actions will leave you feeling great, and without sense of control.

I have created a super simple video, that immediately teaches you how to quickly and permanently end this unwanted habit.

This is the most powerful method to end any nail biting habit…

The video that is included in this offer, shows a powerful technique in an easy to understand format. You can just load the video, and after only nine minutes of trying this revolutionary secret that is explained in the video, you will finally be free from nail biting…

Why Should You Believe That You Can Really Be 9 Quick Minutes From Stopping Nail Biting Forever

973 people have purchased my program, and none of them have ever wanted their money back.
In the past 10 weeks alone, over 1498 individuals have opted to receive my exciting newsletter!
I actually let you keep the entire program if it isn’t effective for you, or if you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason.

Here’s the most simple truth: MMy nail biting annihilation product is completely guaranteed and promised to be effective for YOU… it has helped hundreds before you. Will you choose to be helped?

9 Thoughts On Why This Method Is Completely Unique To Any Other You have Tried Before…

  1. My system can’t be bought anywhere else as I designed it with only nail biters in mind. You are getting a program that is targeted specifically and only for this particular habit.

  2. This is the exact method that I myself as well as hundreds of other sufferers have already used with great success.


  3. Quitting nail biting has never been easier. I say this because you do not need to read any long books, or apply any polishes – you simply need to take in the video with your full effort, and by the time it is done playing , you will have put an end to your unwanted habit.

  4. I have personally used every included resource to ensure that you’ll effectively end your habit permanently. I say this as I have tried over a dozen other solutions, and found no other methods which honestly make it quick and simple to end a nail biting habit forever.

  5. This program is actually fun and as you start to see how simple it is to actually alter this habit, you will want to tell your friends, family, and total strangers about my program!

  6. Find out exactly how and why habits can be changed – and quickly, unlike those old school 21 day habit ending programs. If you are using one of those old school techniques, you are simple not taking advantage of the latest discoveries and methods which will allow you to change your habit in less than ten minutes. In fact, if you’re using one of these old programs, you’re essentially doing things the slowest way possible. Those techniques are from decades ago – I’m sure you agree that we have made some advancements in the last fifty or more decades? أ¯طںآ½

  7. You’re Only Minutes From Finally Becoming Free To Have The Nails You Desire

  8. No one else makes it this simple to end a nail biting habit. I know this after looking at all of the other websites that try to help with nail biting, and they don’t even come close!

  9. This is the only decision you need to make regarding your unwanted habit, and the only product you need to purchase to end your habit forever. You’ll be growing strong, attractive nails again, perhaps for the first time that you can remember.

  10. These are secrets that companies selling nail biting products don’t want to you know. Why is this? Well if they sold you something that would stop your nail biting habit forever, what would they have left to sell you in the future?

  11. You can try this product risk free because I have already been in your shoes and have the results that you wish to have. Once you are able to watch the video and enjoy the success that will come, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

    Watching the video will give you great relief, as well as a feeling of control over your habit. Finally!

    • After you stop your nail biting habit, you will likely also consider what else this method could be used for. This program could alter your life in many ways, as it’s truly an instruction guide for how your brain works. You’ll have a much greater understanding of how your brain works and in only nine minutes!

    • You’re only nine minutes away from a feeling of great relief and empowerment. I created this product to be available for immediate download, so you get access to the the product immediately. No shipping, no waiting for the mail man each day, just press play and get ready to change your life!

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أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½أ¯طںآ½Here’s What’s Included:


1.) Nail Biting Annihilation Video – this step by step instruction video is often called the “magic bullet” as it quickly and efficiently erases your nail biting habit.
2) How To Stop Nail Biting Guidebook for a more in depth understanding of this method that goes more in depth than our nine minute formula, you can learn in minutes… and stop your nail biting permanently.

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100% Eight Week No Hassle, No Questions Asked, Money-back Guarantee..

I offer you a complete eight weeks to try out this program and finally put an end to your habit.

Immediately download the course materials, watch and enjoy the video and follow along with the detailed guidebook.

If you aren’t’ satisfied, I’m not satisfied. Simply let us know for no hassle eight week full refund.

If you don’t end your nail biting habit, then simply take your money back!

Some may call me insane for making this kind of offer. Heck, maybe I am. But one thing is for certain, you’d be insane to pass up this opportunity.

The time to act is now…

I Look At It As Though You Have Two Choices…
  1. You can act now, by investing in yourself, and finally have the healthy nails you’ve been waiting for, or…

  2. You can keep on your current path, trying every anti-nail biting polish or cream you find online… hoping that one of them will finally work, only to end up biting your nails again and again…

Come on now… think about this. This is the risk free solution that you’ve always wanted… the end to your nail biting habit… it’s ready for you… are YOU ready to have healthy nails?

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I want to end my nail biting permanently in only nine minutes

I deserve to be free of this habit…

PROJECT: Nail Biting Annihilation

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YES…I am finally going to have the perfect nails that I desire…
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Your Next Step…

Simple click on “Add To Cart”‘ below, enter the required information in the fields displayed, and enjoy IMMEDIATE access to the most powerful video ever created on stopping nail biting permanently.

This is risk free because…

I back all of this information up with an unbeatable money back guarantee… if you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied. You even get to keep all of the material if you decide against this amazing program.

But of course you won’t.

You’ll be writing in with praise, just like hundreds of others.

Keep in mind… this is a 100% secure transaction and your information is kept safe by the latest technology.

I will look forward to reading your success story very soon, I can’t wait to hear about your new healthy nails and your healthy state of mind…

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