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From: Alex Rankin

Dear Friend

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Step One

Sign up for a free Clickbank account

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Step Three

Send Traffic

Now there are many ways to send traffic to my site, If you have a website you can place links on it or if you have an email list simply send them an email promotion. If you have none of the above then you can use Google Adwords to drive traffic for as little as 5 cents a visitor.

So how do I promote your product?

You could try promoting using any or all of these methods

Placing the link on your website

Writing an article or review and submitting it to and

  • �Placing the link in a Newsletter

  • �Sending out an endorsement to your email list

  • �Placing ads on Google using Google Adwords

  • �Placing other sponsored ads on sites like Yahoo, Find What etc

  • �Placing ads in free ads papers and magazines

  • �Simply sending an email to your friend telling them about it


Tools for you to use

feel free to use any of this promotion work you wish


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